San Antonio FCU Offers 3.05% for 6-month Top CD Rates Promo

The San Antonio Federal Credit Union (SACU) invites its members to take advantage of their best cd deals which offer 3.05% APY for a 5-month term for a minimum deposit of $10K. A lower tier certificate of deposit gains 3.00% for a minimum deposit of $1000. A $90K deposit can give access to a cd special that earns 3.10% APY.

The rates have fallen but the yields given by the union remain competitive in the current market environment.

Financial institution or government employees in San Antonio may join. College students in San Antonio may also sign up. There are also select employer groups in San Antonio and Houston. Members of any parish in the Archdiocese of Galveston/Houston are qualified to join. The union requires a minimum of $5 deposit to a share savings account.

San Antonio FCU has offices in both San Antonio and Houston. It is a large organization with around 248503 members and a declared asset amounting to $2.7 billion.

The union is covered by the NCUA under its charter # 24382.

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Posted on 7th February 2009 by admin in Best CD (Certificate of Deposit) Rates

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